This is the story of a small walled garden set in the centre of Maldon, Essex. It is an old garden site and suffered a period of neglect but is now being cared for by volunteers from Maldon & Heybridge Horticultural Society.

Arthur Cox who set up this website and maintained it for many years, passed away in 2021

       This picture shows the small area of the garden called Jane’s Garden in the East Bed. (Photo by Arthur Cox, June 2019).  See “Picture Gallery” for the neglected 1987 garden view.

       See other pictures on “Picture Gallery” and “Monthly Photos“.

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For the website of the Maldon & Heybridge Horticultural Society go to  www.mhhsuk.wordpress.com

There is a complete list of all the main garden work from the start in 1987 up to the year 2019.   Go to https://fwgworklists.home.blog

 There is also a Facebook page for the   Maldon & Heybridge Horticultural Society